In the beginning, we had a spark of an idea; since everyone had heard of Mr. Goodwrench, why not a Ms Badwrench? After all, we’re in a new century! Our idea was to create a line of cute, sassy clothing for cute, sassy girls (like us!). It took us over six months of reviewing numerous designs and ideas from numerous artists, friends and family, but we finally settled on our pink wrench as our logo. There were two main reasons why.

1.) We felt it represents our attitude --- contemporary, fiercely independent, and willing to break the mold.

2.) Besides the fact that we like pink, we wanted to be able to give part of our profits to charity, and felt that our customers would most readily associate our charitable intent with pink.

A funny thing happened as we began to develop our line; we found that people liked the concept of Ms Badwrench so much that there began to be suggestions for a thousand different ways to use the name. Because some of the girls that model our clothes on our website are absolute car fanatics, we are in the process of creating a national “Girls-Only” car club. (More to follow.)

As if a clothing line and a car club weren’t enough, we discovered that when we started having our girls in our clothes at all types of automotive events, that fans, spectators, participants, and SPONSORS were all very enthusiastic. It seems everybody asked us “why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?” MS BADWRENCH INDEED! So now we’re talking to numerous organizations about having teams of Ms Badwrench girls around the country who can be booked for special appearances at races, car shows, motorcycle shows, trade shows, store grand openings, night club promotions, etc., etc., etc. Check our events page for what’s coming next!

We are creating a completely separate division called “Ms Badwrench Racing”. We will be sponsoring a race car with an all-girl crew to be introduced at the 2008 SEMA show in Las Vegas this November! It will be radical!


Photography by: Kelly Wiley